NSAL is mindful of the fact that our business goals have to be respectful of the environment and have to support a long-term environmental policy. Therefore the reasonable use of energy and raw materials is an integral component of our business policy as is the protection of water, ground and air.

NSAL supports the strong environmental policies of U.A.E  and continuously plans, measures these processes to comply with the law and improve the environmental situation.  We are committed to the following environmental guidelines:

Environmental Protection: This factor is an essential part of our business policy.

Services: We strive to use environmental-friendly methods involved in the consumption and disposal of materials during our operations .

Continuous Improvement: Through a process of continuous improvement in all business areas, we constantly increase the environmental compatibility of our services in compliance with the legal provisions .

Competence: Environmental protection is a leadership responsibility. We support the creativity of our employees by informing, educating and motivating them so that they can deal competently and responsibly with the interpretation of the environmental guidelines.

Public: We encourage the environmental awareness of the society and seek open and factual dialogue with the public. We inform our customers, suppliers and media about the environmental protection and declare co-operation with authorities, associations and other institutions in these matters.

For these reasons,a careful approach to the environment is an important factor in helping us attain our business goals.